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Dog Commands (Roll Over), 2014; 52' x 50"; Tape, yarn, ink, fabric.      

Toxic (Bands in Brooklyn), 2013, 7' x 6' x 4", tape, chain, yarn, fabric, wood.  

Terra Infirma, 2014; Wall Installation; 16' x 50' approx.; fabric, tape, chain, yarn, foam, plastic
Listing of bands playing two nights in Brooklyn

​Photo credit: Polite Photographic

Pieces of Hurt, 2015; 10' x 23' x 4' (dimensions variable)
Wall Installation; yarn, fringe, photo transfers, rope, chain, burlap

Named after a pain intensity diagnostic tool used for children, Pieces of Hurt represents the Utopian desire to overcome pain through pharmaceuticals. Photos: Polite Photographic
Short Hike; 2015; 17' x 5' x 3'
Wall Installation; tape, yarn, felt, ceramic figurines, burlap, photo transfers, plastic

Photos: Polite Photographic
Dog Commands, 2013
7' x 8' x 3", Corner installation
Tape, burlap, felt, fabric trim, pipe cleaners, chain, fringe